Teos,  located by the seaside at 1 km south of Sığacık Village having 3 km distance to Seferihisar District of İzmir, was founded as an Ionian colony in 1000 B.C. approximately. Its founder is known as Athames, the son of Dionysus.

Teos was under the rule of Persians at first, Lydia subsequently, and then Persians again. Teos gained its independence with Ionians and became an important place in trade and architecture.

Ruins of Hellenistic and Roman period exist in Teos. The most important antique building in Teos that is open to visit is the Temple of Dionysus which is the biggest of the ancient world. Other important ruins are Agora, theater, Odeon, city walls and port ruins.

Historical and natural environment richness increases the value of Teos. You can see the Ottoman Castle belonging to the 16th century in Sığacık through which you will pass while going to Teos. You can enjoy splendid beauty of the sunset in Sığacık Gulf which has the appearance of a natural port.