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If the owner goes out of the country when the yacht is at the marina, in this case Customs Administration is reported with “Admission to Wintering Info” . The relevant parts of Transit Log needs to be filled, and former status is cancelled. If this report is not submitted, Administration of the Customs shall penalize marina boat daily. There is no need for wintering process if the owner stays in his/her yacht, travels or works in Turkey for a long time. If Transit Log time is sufficient, all permits are preserved. The basis for wintering is not the crew, but the yacht owner going abroad. If Transit Log duration is about to be over when owner is in Turkey, then 2 weeks prior to end date a new application has to be made with relevant forms and signatures .With the the owner’s return or him/her setting sail, a new Transit Log is prepared.

While there is no duration for permit, there is a visa validity period. You need to renew annualy by paying the visa fee for your permit.

There is no restriction on the navigation area of private boats; if your boat allows, you can cruise all seas of the world. Before leaving the country, fill Transit Log for your boat and her crew, and do the necessary customs exit procedures. You need to apply to Port Directorships with Customs for this procedure.

As stated in Business Legislation of Marina, for the BOAT which is going to make use of the marina, and adequate and valid insurance with third party liability that covers BOAT OWNER, BOAT CREW, BOAT GUESTS is compulsory. BOAT OWNER has to renew insurances that are going to expire during mooring.

Marina Front Office will inform the boat owner one month before insurance ending date. Unless the boat owner renews the insurance, it will be renewed by marina and the cost will be added to the boat’s current account.

Boat owners must enter the Marina with the documents listed below, andapply to the office.

For Turkish flagged Boats;
* Port Registration deed
* Insurance
* Identity Card

For foreign flagged boats;
* Registration Certificate
* Certificate of Authority
* Insurance
* Identity Information

Foreign flagged vessels wintering in Turkey need to renew Transit Log annually, and  they are required to make an exit abroad and an enter back in Turkey at least once in 5 years.

Declarations of yachtpeople regarding customs, passport, medical treatment, harbor, yacht, yachtspeople, crew, their goods and other issues are recorded to to the yacht register (Transit Log) by officers of customs , passport, ports, health and other officers, along with each record of entry and exit and other procedures. Foreign flagged yachts coming from foreign ports, in accordance with relevant Turkish legislation, declare their transactions within the scope of the Yacht Registration Certificate at the first port they arrive, and these will be valid  in the other Turkish Ports they visit without any need for further procedures. For wintering yachts in Turkey, procedures regarding the above mentioned document are done in the location they winter. Those yachts and yachtspeople having received their  Yacht Registration Certificate upon conclusion of their entry procedures are considered to be legally in Turkey.

If they require so, yacht owner, his/her spouse, his/her children and yacht crew with their names written in Yacht Registration Certificate can receive long term residence permit, limited with Marina mooring contract, by proving  Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism that they have made such a contract to moor their yacht in harbor/marina.