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Renovation work starts in Teos Marina, damaged by the tsunami occured after the Izmir Earthquake

The renewal process started in Teos Marina to heal the wounds of the tsunami disaster caused by the earthquake that hit İzmir on October 30. Teos Marina aims to come full circle with all its services until the end of November, except for the new pontoons the production of which will take between 4 to 6 weeks.

Stating that while there was no damage to the buildings due to the earthquake in Teos Marina, many of the boats were washed aground and get harmed due to the tsunami, said Teos Marina General Manager Faruk Günlü.

“An unprecedented tsunami disaster occurred in the Mediterranean basin after the 6.6 magnitude earthquake striked Seferihisar in the epicenter of the Aegean Sea, on October 30, 2020. While there was no damage to the buildings due to the earthquake in Teos Marina, the sea level has receded and rose within minutes bringin on tides of about 4 meters, leading to strong currents in the harbor which caused the marina pontoons to be damaged and crush boats together. Considering the scale of the disaster, it is our greatest consolation that there is no loss of life or even the slightest injury to Teos Marina staff, boat owners and guests. We wish our condolences to the relatives of those who lost their lives in Sığacık and İzmir and hope to heal our wounds as soon as possible” said Mr. Günlü.

Günlü stated that they aim to go back to old, good days of the marina with all its services until the end of November, except for the new pontoons the production of which will take between 4 to 6 weeks. “We’re trying to settle an effective crisis management by making quick decisions taken with common sense, to heal the wounds of this unprecedented disaster happened in the Mediterranean basin. The renewal process has started swiftly in Teos Marina. We share the developments with all transparency through live broadcasts we frequently make from our social media accounts.

With the production of new pontoons and the renewal of technical equipment, our berthing spaces will continue to accomodate boats after being renewed in accordance with the suggestions of engineers and scientists and the standards of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure” said Mr. Günlü.

Our door is open to all sailors who regard Teos Marina as their home

Stating that Teos Marina will continue to be the dynamo of regional tourism with its feature of being the heart of Sığacık and being the biggest marine tourism enterprise of the district, Günlü said, “We have moved very fast with the support of our stakeholders in the sector and my team in a week after the earthquake. We created accommodation areas both on the sea and on the land within the marina. The whole team works day and night, and we are in the process of recovery and restructuring. Our door is open to all sailors who regard Teos Marina as their home. You can come back to your home”.

All marinas embraces our boats

Noting that a perfect example of solidarity that can only be seen among seafarers was displayed in the removal of the wreck after the earthquake, Günlü said, “After the first shock, the wounds of the disaster started to be healed with a tremendous solidarity and cooperation. A rescue team was formed with those who came to help from many marinas and seafarers in the region. During the wreck removal and reconstruction process, all marinas welcomed the boats. We are grateful to all foul-weather friends who are with us in this with their support. This is what being a sailor really means.”

Record attendance at Tuna Masters Teos

Held for the 5th time this year, Tuna Masters Teos reached the maximum number of competitors. 56 teams will compete in Tuna Masters Teos. This year, new contestants were added to the regulars of this race and a record participation was achieved. Famous business people will try to catch the biggest fish with their fishing rods by struggling with harsh conditions on the sea.

The creators of the tournament, Murat Iyriboz and Elvio Pennetti, lead this giant organization as every year.

The "Danube Masters Teos" fishing tournament, called "Giants League" by the contestants, will take place between 3-6 September 2020, under the auspices of Seferihisar Municipality and hosted by Teos Marina. The competition with its fertile sea and giant fish in 5 years has become one of the most ambitious tournaments in Europe in a short time and this year brings together a record number of competitors.

Although Teos Marina exceeded 100 percent occupancy rate and pushed its capacity this year, Tuna Masters made a great effort to meet the demand for intense participation in Teos and made room for 56 boats.

The golden belt is looking for its new owner

This year, many famous names will participate in the competition, Gökhan Çarmıklı, Murat Aslan, Burhan Çavuşoğlu, Erkut Soyak, Turgut Konukoğlu, Adil Konukoğlu, Feridun Bigalı, Berent Akdemir, Turan Mutlu, Sinan Kuran, Mahmut Özgener, Bülent Akgerman, Rikardo Aliberti, Alp Names such as Kırşan, Altuğ Aksoy and Bülent Delican will fight fiercely.

Tuna Masters Teos, holding the record for the tournaments with 295kg Bluefin Tuna (blue wing tuna), will be in pursuit of new records this year as well.

Tuna Masters Teos will also be the first stage on the way to the "golden belt". The results of the Tuna Masters Teos will be collected with the results of the Alaçatı stage and the "Tuna Masters of the Year" team of the year will be determined. If the Fesfish team, which owned the belt last year, fails to maintain its title, it will hand it over to the winning team this year. The winning team with the fish caught and the points collected in both tournaments (Teos and Alaçatı) will carry the championship belt for 1 year.

The tournament, which will be held under the auspices of Seferihisar Municipality and hosted by Teos Marina, Meridian Adventure Hidden Bay Teos, Obelix Charters, Çaycı, Meridian Adventure Sail, Arvento, CMS, Raymarine, Can-Am, SeaDoo, Antmare, 7800 Çeşme,, İzce Outdoor, Viking Yachts , Northstar, Seaguar, Momoi, Accurate, Tohatsu, Sardamatic, Chameleon Craft, Same, Meridian Adventure Dive and Numberblue will host the contestants.

The pandemic did not stop the contestants

Murat Iyriboz, one of the tournament organizers, said, “This year, the pandemic stopped everything at the stage of preparation. For a long time, we were hesitant about whether we could hold the tournaments this year. Although we made the decision to hold the tournament this year too late, the great support of the participants gave us morale. Although participation in the tournament was as enthusiastic as every year, we had to take very serious measures considering today's conditions. The health of the competitors and other participants is our top priority, so this year entries to the field will be limited. "The pandemic rules and practices covering all participants will be valid throughout the tournament."

Tournament Pandemic Rules:

All the rules published by the Ministry of Health are already valid, and the things to do in the tournament are as follows:

  1. Entries to the field will be controlled, and applications such as temperature measurement will be made. In addition, those who do not have a name badge will not be allowed into the field. Teams that have family, friends, etc. with them during the competition days can provide a name list and provide these people with badges before the competition. The number of this type of "team support card" is limited to 100, it will be given according to the order of application. Apart from this, there will be an opportunity to receive visitor cards at the door in both sites. However, the total number of visitor cards will not exceed 100 people at the same time, and badges can be obtained from the visitor desk by submitting ID cards. If there are 100 visitors inside, a new visitor entry will be the same as the number of people leaving.
  2. It is mandatory to comply with social distance rules and wear a mask on the field. Boats are private areas, and onboard pandemic rules must be implemented by the team. However, it is forbidden to be together with other boat crews in the boats. The boat crew should be in itself.
  3. This year, there will be a hygiene kit for each person in the bags and it will allow you to comply with the rules. The same hygiene kit will be distributed to a limited number of visitors. In addition, there will be various points on the field for hand cleaning.
  4. This year, there will be an additional disclaimer stating health status in addition to the signed waiver each year. Again, due to the minimum contact philosophy, the tournament rules will not be distributed as a printed booklet this year. We strongly request you to download and follow these rules, which are written in detail on our website.